Set the document's name and file name

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At the final the Confirmation step, you’ll be asked to enter a File name. This field is optional, and if you choose not to provide a name, the system will automatically use the template’s name as the file name. The name you provide here will be used for both the document’s logical name and its file name.

The message you see next will be determined by your choice in the previous Merge options step. If you had selected Yes for the option Combine all documents in a single file, the message will indicate that the system will merge all the generated documents into a single file of the format you’ve chosen.

Document name for single file

If you had chosen No for the same option, the message will indicate that the system will create individual documents for each data item, which will then be compressed into a .zip file for convenience.

Document name for zip archive

By allowing you to set the document’s name, DocuGenerate ensures you have control over the organization and easy identification of your generated documents.