Generate separate documents for each data item

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In scenarios where you need each of your data items to be reflected in individual documents, DocuGenerate offers the option to generate separate documents for each data item. This is particularly useful when handling multiple sets of data that need to be distinguished from each other.

To create individual documents for each data item, navigate to the Merge options section. Select No for the option Combine all documents in a single file.

Zip archive option

When this option is selected, instead of generating a single file, DocuGenerate will create a .zip file containing all the generated documents. Each document within the .zip file corresponds to a separate data item and will maintain the export format you have chosen.

The individual documents within the .zip archive will be named based on the name you’ve chosen for the generated document, suffixed with an index number starting at 1. This helps in easily identifying and differentiating the separate documents.

For example, if your generated document is called Invoice, the file will be Inside this .zip archive, you’ll find documents named Invoice 1.pdf, Invoice 2.pdf, and so on, depending on the number of data items.

This feature ensures the convenient management of multiple documents, maintaining clear differentiation between each data set.