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December 01, 2023

Introducing the Template Library

DocuGenerate’s Template Library offers a quick and efficient solution for generating high-quality documents. With a wide range of customizable templates available, you can easily create professional invoices, letters, contracts, certificates, and more, without the need for advanced design or formatting skills.

Our Template Library is designed to help you get started quickly, with templates that are easy to customize and use. Whether you need to generate a contract for a new client, an invoice for a customer, or a certificate for an award ceremony, our Template Library has you covered.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Template Library and explore how you can use its templates to streamline your document generation process. From choosing the right template to customizing it to fit your needs, we’ll walk you through each step of the process, so you can start creating high-quality documents with ease.

Choosing a Template

The Template Library includes sample templates that you can use to get started right away, without having to create your own templates. These templates are designed to provide a starting point for your document generation needs, and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.

The sample templates are organized in 4 categories as it follows :

  • Invoices: Marketing Invoice, Repair Invoice, Moving Company Invoice, Business Invoice

  • Letters: Cover Letter, Recommendation Letter, Business Letter, Marketing Letter

  • Contracts: Employment Contract, Accounting Contract, Non Disclosure Agreement, Sales Contract

  • Certificates: Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Employment

You can download all the resources associated with each template by clicking the Download button. The ZIP archive includes the DOCX template, a JSON data set, an Excel data file, and a sample PDF document generated using the data set. This allows you to quickly get started with testing DocuGenerate, without having to create your own templates.

Download button

For the purpose of this article, we’ll use the Cover Letter template. After you download the Cover archive, go ahead and unzip it, and you should see the Cover Letter folder. In the next section we’ll go over the folder’s content and look at each file in detail.

Unzip the template folder

Discover the Template Files

The first file included in the ZIP archive is the .docx Word template itself, which serves as the foundation for the document generation process. Each template is designed with merge tags that allow for customization of specific fields. In the case of the Cover Letter, the tags are Name, Job Title, Company Name and a few others.

You can use this file to create a new reusable template in DocuGenerate, either using the app or using the API. Whether you prefer the convenience of the app’s user-friendly interface or the power and control of the API, you have the option to choose which method suits your workflow best.

The DOCX template file

The second file included in the ZIP archive is a .json file, which is a lightweight and easy-to-use data format. This file contains an array of 20 JSON objects, representing the data items that can be used for mail merging. In order for the mail merge to be done correctly, the keys of the JSON objects match exactly the merge tags from the template: Name, Job Title, Company Name and so on.

The JSON data file

The next file, with an .xlsx extension, is an Excel spreadsheet which contains 20 rows with sample data. Same as for the JSON keys previously, the column names in the Excel file match exactly the merge tags from the template: Name, Job Title, Company Name, etc.

This data structure is critical for generating accurate and consistent documents, as it ensures that the correct information is being populated into the correct fields. By matching the column names in the Excel file to the merge tags in the template, DocuGenerate can automate the document creation process.

The Excel data file

The last file in the ZIP archive is a generated .pdf document, which is created using the Word template and the sample data from the Excel spreadsheet. This document is a sample of what you can achieve by using DocuGenerate to automate your document creation process.

The generated PDF example

Use the Template to Generate PDF Documents

After getting familiar with the different files, the next step is to use them to generate documents. You can edit the template if you want, or use it as it is to get started quickly. The first step is to upload the Word document in the app to create a new template. Once you do that, you should see something like this:

Create the new template

You can use either the JSON data or the Excel spreadsheet to provide the data for generating the documents. For the first option using JSON, go ahead and open the .json file and copy its content to the clipboard. Then paste the copied JSON data into the dedicated text area and proceed through the form steps until you reach the document generation confirmation.

New document from JSON data

For the second option using Excel, you’ll need to upload the .xlsx file in the area where it says Select or drop a .xlsx, .xls, .ods, .csv or .tsv file. You can preview the Excel data and select which rows to use for generating the documents by clicking on them. Please note that by default all the rows will be used for document generation.

New document from Excel data

After fine-tuning the merge options by specifying the output format and other options, everything is set up for generating the cover letters in bulk. You can see below an example of the generated PDF using the ready-to-use template and the sample Excel data:

Now that you’ve seen how to use the Cover Letter template, you can try the other templates from the library and start generating documents with ease.


In conclusion, DocuGenerate’s Template Library provides a wide range of customizable templates that allow you to easily and efficiently generate high-quality documents. By using the templates available in the library, you can save valuable time and resources, without the need for advanced design or formatting skills.

Whether you need to generate invoices, letters, contracts, certificates, or other documents, the Template Library has you covered. With sample templates organized by category, you can easily find the right template for your needs, and customize it to fit your specific requirements.


  • The Cover Letter ZIP archive containing the various template files.
  • The PDF Letters generated in bulk in this article.
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