How do I use custom fonts?

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Custom font

When creating a template, you may encounter the ideal font that you want to use. If this chosen font isn’t readily available within DocuGenerate, there’s no cause for concern. The system will gracefully substitute an alternate default font, ensuring the uniform visual integrity of your documents even in the absence of the specific font.

In order to use a custom font in your template, please reach out to us at and attach the desired font file in .ttf or .otf format. We shall expediently integrate the font into the system, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate it into your templates and documents.

Please note that the font file must exclusively adhere to the .ttf or .otf format. Alternate formats such as .woff or .woff2 are not accepted. Having to the correct format is essential for optimal performance and the desired visual outcome.

By conscientiously following these guidelines, you can effortlessly use your preferred custom fonts with DocuGenerate, lending a personalized touch to your documents.