๐Ÿ†• Introduction to team collaboration

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The Team feature, available exclusively with the Business subscription plan, enhances collaboration within DocuGenerate. This feature empowers you to add members to your team and effortlessly share templates with them.

It caters to companies managing numerous templates across various departments, ensuring that each team member accesses only the necessary templates. You can allocate specific permissions to each team member for any template, controlling whether they can merely utilize it or also modify its content.

Utilizing this feature incurs a cost of $19/month per team member (or the equivalent of a Plus subscription), in addition to the Business subscription fee. You can share any number of templates with each team member and documents generated from shared templates count against the template ownerโ€™s quota.

For example, a team member on the Free plan can create up to 2 templates and generate up to 100 free documents monthly from their own templates. However, they can generate unlimited documents from a shared template, with charges billed to the template owner, as per the pricing table.

While uncommon, users can be team members while having their own separate subscription to create additional templates and generate more documents from their own templates.

Each team member possesses a unique API key associated with their account, enabling interaction with DocuGenerateโ€™s API. Shared templates are returned alongside those created by the team member, allowing seamless integration with the API for document generation or template updates, provided the necessary permissions are granted.