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Company Overview

Cloover is a climate fintech that enables vendors of renewable technologies to offer their services as subscriptions, and further to manage their own working capital. This helps individuals and businesses transition to renewable energy and heating in a capital-efficient and risk-free way. Cloover makes sustainable finance simpler, faster, and more affordable while bringing renewable energy to every household and business.

With this unique approach, Cloover is set to build a decentralized network of solar, battery storage, EV charging and heating pump assets. These assets will be further used by the company to coordinate support for local communities and the national grid infrastructure across Europe.

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The Challenge: Generating Documents within the Cloover Platform

Cloover’s product team faced the challenge of integrating a robust document generation solution into their platform. They needed a system that could efficiently generate various types of documents, including personalized offers, financing contracts, personalized terms and conditions, invoices, and more. The goal was to automate the document creation process, ensuring accuracy and consistency while allowing for easy customization to meet specific client needs.

Cloover Platform 2.0, which includes features for managing contacts, invoices, projects, and analytics, required a document generation tool to enhance its capabilities. And this is where DocuGenerate came into play!

Cloover platform 2.0

The Solution: Direct API Integration using Multi-Language Templates

To address these challenges, the Cloover team decided to integrate their platform with DocuGenerate’s API. This integration allowed Cloover to use Word templates for various documents, including contracts, terms and conditions, and invoices, which could be easily edited and customized.

Given their diverse client base across Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland, Cloover needed to generate documents in multiple languages. The solution was to create several versions of the same template, each tailored to a specific language. This enabled Cloover to generate documents in the appropriate language for each client, ensuring clear and comprehensible communication.

For instance, Cloover developed a template for installment contracts in German, ensuring that their documentation was accessible to all clients in their native languages. This approach streamlined the document generation process, enhanced customer satisfaction, and maintained consistency across different regions.

Cloover instalments template

The Results: Enhanced Operational Efficiency through Document Automation

The integration of DocuGenerate’s API brought about significant improvements to Cloover’s platform, increasing operational efficiency across departments. By leveraging DocuGenerate’s capabilities, Cloover achieved the following results:

  • Efficient Document Generation: Cloover was able to automate the creation of essential documents such as contracts, terms and conditions, and invoices. This automation reduced the time and effort required for manual document preparation, allowing the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency: The use of standardized Word templates ensured that all documents generated were accurate and consistent. This minimized errors and discrepancies, which are common in manual document preparation, and ensured that all clients received uniform and professional documentation.

  • Multi-Language Support: Cloover successfully implemented multi-language templates, which allowed them to serve clients in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and other regions in their native languages. This feature was particularly beneficial in improving client satisfaction and communication, as clients received documents in a language they were comfortable with.

  • Create Documents with Annexes: The Merge PDF feature enabled Cloover to attach additional documents, such as PDF offers that users accept by signing a contract, to the primary generated documents. This provided clients with a complete set of relevant documents in a single package, simplifying the documentation process and enhancing the client experience.

  • Template Management: DocuGenerate’s Team Collaboration feature allowed Cloover to manage access to templates effectively. Team members could access only the templates they needed, enhancing security and efficiency in template management. This feature ensured that sensitive templates were only available to authorized team members.


The integration of DocuGenerate into Cloover’s platform has significantly enhanced its ability to manage and generate critical documents efficiently. This has not only improved their operational workflow but also provided their clients with clear, accurate, and customized documentation. The successful implementation of DocuGenerate’s features demonstrates the platform’s flexibility and utility in meeting the diverse needs of a rapidly growing fintech company in the renewable energy sector.

We were amazed how DocuGenerate API was simple to integrate. We were able to launch the integration in a matter of days and with an exceptional support from DocuGenerate team, which always answered our request within the same day. I can only recommend this service!

Valentin Gönczy, CPO and Co-Founder at Cloover

Valentin Gönczy

CPO and Co-Founder at Cloover