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Company Overview

flair is a comprehensive human resource management solution built on Salesforce. It offers features such as recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, time and attendance, employee scheduling, performance management, and payroll preparation.

Unlike many HR software solutions that prioritize standardization, flair emphasizes customization tailored to individual user needs, providing a user-friendly experience for managers, recruiters, and employees.

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The Challenge: Adding Built-in Document Generation to flair’s Product Suite

As flair continued to evolve its HR management platform, the need for a robust document generation solution became apparent. The company’s product roadmap had long aimed to include document generation capabilities, recognizing the importance of streamlining the creation of various HR documents such as employment contracts, offer letters and more.

However, finding the right solution posed a significant challenge. While several PDF generation tools existed within the Salesforce ecosystem, they predominantly offered UI-based solutions, which didn’t align with flair’s vision of built-in integration and automation. Moreover, these solutions lacked the flexibility to create templates directly via API, a feature deemed essential by flair’s product team to ensure scalability and customization.

flair create templates using DocuGenerate's API

The evaluation process involved rigorous scrutiny of existing solutions, highlighting the limitations and constraints posed by UI-centric platforms. The inability to create templates programmatically via API hindered the company’s ability to tailor document generation workflows to its unique requirements. It became evident that a more flexible approach was necessary to achieve the desired level of customization.

The Solution: Integrating with DocuGenerate’s API

In the quest for a comprehensive document generation solution, flair discovered DocuGenerate—a versatile API-driven platform designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. The integration process was remarkably straightforward, with the initial version being ready within hours—a testament to the efficiency and ease of use of DocuGenerate’s developer-friendly API.

Key features such as the option to receive documents in binary format and automatic association of generated documents with relevant records proved instrumental in enhancing flair’s document creation workflows.

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The ability to populate templates with data from HR records in Salesforce simplified the creation of customized documents, such as contracts, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy and consistency across all generated documents.

The Results: Generating Routine HR and Recruiting Documents with Ease

The integration with DocuGenerate yielded tangible benefits for flair and its users. By streamlining the creation of various HR documents, including employment contracts, offer letters, company policies, employee transfer notices, promotions, and pay rise agreements, flair empowered its users to accomplish more in less time.

The simplified template creation process allows users to build enterprise-level templates for routine HR and recruiting files with ease, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Additionally, the automatic import of HR and recruiting data from a Salesforce org into documents facilitated quick and accurate document generation, enabling users to focus on strategic HR initiatives rather than mundane administrative tasks.


By adding document generation to their product suite, flair is enabling organizations to streamline HR workflows and enhance operational efficiency. With intuitive template creation, automatic data population, and seamless document generation, flair’s users can now easily create professional documents, saving time and resources in the process.

The user-friendly interface and robust features ensure a polished appearance and consistent branding across all generated documents, further reinforcing flair’s commitment to delivering exceptional HR solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

DocuGenerate has enabled us to enhance our HR software with intuitive document generation capabilities. We are impressed with how quick and easy the integration process was, allowing us to expand our product's functionality via developer-friendly API.

Evgenii Pavlov, CEO and Founder at flair

Evgenii Pavlov

CEO and Founder at flair